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VCU 2020 Football Season Canceled

RICHMOND, Va. — Citing the community’s health and safety as a top priority, VCU announced their decision to cancel the 2020 football season today due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The cancellation brings the team’s 182 year winning streak to a temporary pause, as the Rams will be forced to wait until the 2021 season for their next opportunity to extend the record.

“This was a tough decision to make, but we unfortunately feel it was for the best,” Cynthia Stowell, a spokesperson for VCU Athletics said in a statement, adding that the team was poised and eager to kick the season off against longtime rival Old Dominion University in the home opener.

“We all had high hopes for a great season, and we know the players are just as disappointed as the fans. However, we must remain committed to stopping the spread of Covid-19 and ensuring the safety of the community by cancelling one of VCU’s favorite pastimes of not losing a single game of pigskin.”

“While it may have been easy to socially distance fans in the stands,” Stowell continued, “we tried to work out the logistics of socially distancing for the players on the fields, but we had to give up when we realized you’d have trouble forming at the line of scrimmage, or tackling a running back from six feet away.”

Stowell remains confident that the team will be ready to continue their undefeated run next year, and mentioned that the players were individually conditioning to be ready in time for practice. When asked if the men’s basketball season may suffer a similar fate, Stowell replied, “Are you kidding me? Absolutely not. We’ll see you at Siegel in a few months with your new VCU ram horn facemask.”

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