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James Madison University Men’s Basketball Team Training Hard for March Madness Watch Party

HARRISONBURG, Va. After a rousing season that could be best described as “meh,” the James Madison University men’s basketball team is training fervently and hitting their stride heading into their annual March Madness watch party.

In what has become a yearly ritual, the team will make the trip to an empty lecture hall to observe all of the NCAA championship action and vie for bracket supremacy.

“Having played some of the teams throughout the season really gives us a competitive edge with our brackets,” shared one player, who has also spent significant time off the court watching YouTube videos of out-of-division teams. “A bunch of us were hitting the books immediately after practice or home games to study statistics from previous years to try to figure out which seed to favor on our bracket.”

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Team staff characterized the party as the team’s “big focus” in the last legs of the season. “It’s truly an honor to get to make the trip down to the engineering building where they’ve got the biggest screens,” graduate manager Paul Holland stated. “We’ve been waiting eagerly all year for this.”

Teammates without the killer instinct for the fierce bracket competition have relegated themselves to support roles for the month-long event.

“We’ll be focusing on keeping the team hydrated and well-fed during games,” forward Julien Wooden stated, adding that recent practices have been specifically geared toward the big event. “We’ve been running drills for hot-swapping pizza rolls and taquitos in the oven for maximum efficiency and timing our sprints to nearby convenience stores for booze.”

When asked how they felt going into this year’s party, the team was united in their sentiment: “Totally stoked.”  

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