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Mayor Levar Stoney Seen Responding to Gig on Lindsey’s List

RICHMOND, Va. In an admirable move toward helping the local neighborhood community, Richmond mayor Levar Stoney was seen today responding to an ad in the Facebook group “Lindsey’s List,” volunteering to help University of Richmond graduate student Julia Kelley move to her new Scott’s Addition apartment. “I saw the post in the group and had some free time in the afternoon between some city council appointments, so I figured I’d lend a helping hand,” Stoney said.

Kelley’s post requested help from anyone that could move some heavy furniture and belongings to her new residence after her originally scheduled volunteers unexpectedly cancelled. “Plus, she said she’d be ordering pizza for everyone, so I’ll be getting some free food out of it,” the mayor continued.

Stoney was reportedly last seen helping unload a queen-sized mattress from the bed of a borrowed Toyota Tacoma truck with a few other people who had also responded to the ad.



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