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Virginia Beach Residents Hope That Hurricane Dorian Cleans up Boardwalk

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Explaining that the 2019 summer season has been particularly rough in terms of beachgoers’ litter, Virginia Beach residents have their fingers crossed that Hurricane Dorian will help clean up the boardwalk, officials confirmed Friday.

“We’re hoping that Dorian wipes the boardwalk as clean as can be,” Dan Carter, a spokesperson for the Virginia Beach City Council, stated in a press release, adding that the boardwalk has been preliminarily coated with soap, bleach, and other chemicals that are designed to mix with the heavy amount of rainfall forecasted.

“We’ve had a long summer, with tourists leaving empty beer cans and countless receipts from WAVES piling onto the typical trash left lying around. Our cleaning crew hasn’t been able to keep up, so with any luck our boardwalk will be sparkling clean after this mess is over with.”

Carter concluded his statement by assuring citizens that city officials have coordinated with local engineers to ensure that all trash swept away by the storm is safely funnelled to outlets located in Newport News, Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood, and downtown Portsmouth.


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